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In a world where customer expectations are constantly evolving, it is essential to use all available channels to optimize and maximize customer relations. EasyDemat is a solution for dematerializing invoices and third-party statements, specially designed for Sage 100c users.

Improve your customer relations with EasyDemat

With EasyDemat, you can benefit from a secure platform accessible 24 hours a day, enabling you to optimize and streamline your customer relations. By switching to electronic invoicing, you can make significant savings by reducing printing costs, while speeding up payment and collection times.

EasyDemat provides a new channel for interacting with your customers, complementing your traditional service. With an attractive design that can be customized to your image, you can effectively communicate your news and promotions via a dedicated home page. What's more, you have easy access to electronic invoices (e-invoices) and PDF duplicates, as well as your current contracts, sales contacts and other essential information.

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EasyDemat's main features

EasyDemat's main features include:

  • An attractive design that can be customized to your image for effective communication.
  • A dedicated home page to highlight your news and promotions.
  • Easy access to electronic invoices (e-invoices) and PDF duplicates for simplified management.
  • View your current contracts, commercial and administrative contacts, for a complete overview of your business.
Menu d'EasyDemat : Assistance, Suivi comptable, Factures et Mes interlocuteurs

When you choose EasyDemat, you get a head start in the transition to electronic invoicing and optimize your customer relations. Simplify your processes, reduce your costs and improve your efficiency with our EasyDemat solution for dematerializing invoices and third-party statements.

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