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EasyLogistic 100


EasyLogistic 100 is a WMS software package connected to Sage 100c, designed to make your shipping and receiving operations simpler and more reliable. With an ergonomic interface optimised for use in the warehouse, EasyLogistic offers an easy, intuitive user experience. It is suitable for all types of device, including tablets, mobile phones, computers and PDAs.

Connected in real time to Sage 100c

EasyLogistic 100 is connected in real time to your Sage 100c management system via WiFi or mobile data. The software is used in RDP mode, offering a smooth and secure remote connection experience.

Sage 100c supplier order entry

With EasyLogistic 100, you can receive Sage 100c supplier orders quickly and without retyping errors, using a mobile terminal. The software supports the management of batch/series packaging, expiration dates and ranges. You can also print bar-coded item labels when goods are received, as well as delivery notes and backorders.

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Shipping Sage 100c customer preparation orders

EasyLogistic 100 lets you create delivery notes directly in the software, without having to go through your Sage 100cloud ERP. It optimizes the picking path according to locations, while supporting batch numbers, expiration dates, series and ranges. The software also manages packaging and containers (parcels, overpacks and pallets), and lets you send delivery information to the carrier and print the transport label. It also lets you optimize carrier costs, and print item labels, packing lists, delivery notes and invoices.

Operating modes and other features

EasyLogistic 100 offers three operating modes: Picking/Packing, Picking then Packing, and Multi-order Picking/Control and Packing. The software also facilitates data exchange with the carrier, automatically sending delivery information and printing transport labels.

It also offers storage support with multi-location and multi-depot management, the possibility of transfer movements between locations and/or depots, and the printing of item labels with barcodes. In addition, EasyLogistic 100 supports physical inventories, whether global or rotating, with real-time stock queries. You can also run an Excel comparison of the inventory with the actual Sage stock to detect discrepancies, and print the Sage 100c inventory from location to location.

Alternetis - Editeurs de solution métiers sur SAGE depuis 2009 - GROUPE SYSTEOS

The benefits of EasyLogistic 100 for Sage

  • Real-time synchronization with Sage 100c and real-time inventory updates.
  • Optimized ergonomic interface for simplified use in the warehouse.
  • Management of serial numbers, batches and expiration dates.
  • Print item labels, location labels, carrier labels and packing lists.
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) integration with carriers to avoid re-entering data on their platforms.
  • Enhanced traceability thanks to comprehensive management software.

EasyLogistic 100 is the ideal solution for efficient inventory management connected to Sage 100c. Take advantage of real-time synchronization, optimized ergonomics and advanced functionalities for enhanced traceability of your logistics operations.

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